Hampton Bay Warranty

Your Hampton Bay fan is covered with a lifetime motor warranty, and the body comes with one-year warranty. If you are getting issues with the fan, you will have to find the root cause of the problem, its origin and whether it is supported by the warranty or not.

To find out what is wrong with your fan, our recommendation is to have a look at our troubleshooting guides. The ideal way to start with is to diagnose the issue with your fan.

Is there a wobbling issue with your fan, or it make noises? It might be happening because it is unbalanced. This issue can be solved without using the warranty – all you need to do is to use a blade balancing kit, and read our troubleshooting article.

Is your fan getting an issue with the remote – Has the remote stopped working?

The only real issues that you can find is of the motor, is the fan is not turning at all. And this would not be a problem related to the wiring as it would be related to the motor. The motor is the main thing installed in your fan – and that comes with a lifetime warranty on it, to make you stress-free, the problem hardly happens with the motor.

How to redeem your Hampton Bay warranty

If you think that you have to redeem your Hampton Bay ceiling fan warranty, you can begin by contacting Hampton Bay customer service. They will help you in this regard and what are the steps involved and how to get warranty support from Hampton Bay. If you are unsure about the warranty, whether your fan comes under it or not? Hampton Bay provides a limited lifetime motor warranty. It indicates that if your fan motor goes bad, you will get it repaired or replace it for you without charging anything. You may have to pay shipping charges to get the product shipped as the shipment does not come under the warranty.

You can contact Hampton Bay by email and phone by using the above-mentioned page. Phone is the ideal way to start in terms of getting support. The wait time can vary from time to time, it can be between 3 to 4 minutes, depends when you call.