Hampton Bay Remote Controls

So, are you looking for Hampton Bay Remote Controls? If yes, then the question arises whey are you doing this, it can be due to some possible causes. Here are the top causes why you are searching for Hampton Bay Remotes:

  • Remote control is not working – battery replacement in the remote did not get the job done
  • You have lost the remote control
  • My Hampton Bay fan is turning by itself – is there is a problem with my remote?

Experiencing remote issues? Try these steps before you make any decision:

1. Does your remote has a light that glows or come on when you press any button on the remote? If not, follow these steps:

  • Replace the batteries. After doing so, does a light glow on the remote now when you press a button? If it does not,
  • Check the programming. Does your remote need special programming to sync your remote with your fan? Does the fan have a button? Check the manual that is in the package.
  • Check the dipswitches. Are both of them are set properly? The back of the remote has dip switches on it, possibly under a panel. The fan would have dipswitches which are available inside the fan motor housing.

2. If the light is turning on the remote now, and you have completed all the above troubleshooting steps, and the fan is still not responding to the controller,

  • You may have to examine the internal wiring on the fan
  • The fan may have a faulty receiver.

Dip Switch Problems with Hampton Bay Remote

If your fan turns on by itself, or if you have two units that turn on using the same remote, then you have to update the dipswitches by changing them. You will find the set of dipswitches in the fan housing and on the back of the remote. these switches need to be pushed either to a 0 or 1 position (up or down). To help the remote to talk with the fan, the dip switches on both of them should be in the same direction.

Hampton Bay Remote Control Replacement

After checking the batteries on the remote, the dip switches, and if your remote is still not working, examine the light. Does the light glow when you press the button on the remote? if there is no light coming on the remote, the wise action is to replace the remote. If you are using a Hampton Bay fan, then you should get a Hampton Bay remote for your unit.

When dealing with ceiling fans, it is one of the most replaceable accessories, the Hampton Bay remote control can stop working or get lost with time.

If you are not familiar with a remote that will be compatible with your fan, the ideal step is to get a universal remote. If you choose a Hampton Bay universal remote, it is more likely to work for 80-85% that it will work with your Hampton Bay fan. these universal remotes are compatible with other brands too, but will be most suitable for Hampton Bay fans.

Finding a Universal Hampton Bay Remote that is compatible with my fan

If you are not confident which remote works with your model, the best course of action is to go for a Hampton Bay Universal Fan Remote. If you purchase a Hampton Bay universal remote, there is a high chance that it will be compatible with your Hampton Bay model. To ensure, you can go through the details of the remote available in the product description. Usually, the description includes what fan it works with

Here’s some general rules to follow to deal with your Hampton Bay fan & remote issue:

  • If your Hampton Bay fan can be controlled with a remote, and your fan is less than 5 years old, a universal Hampton Bay remote will definitely work with your fan.
  • If you have never used your fan with a remote, you can’t just buy a remote to start using it. If your fan supports pull chains, you’ll have to continue with pull chains.
  • You can also get the remote for your fan as recommended by the manufacturer, you need to read the manual that came with your fan. if you are not able to find it, try to find it online. In the worst case, browse the home depot community forums on the internet to submit your question. Home Depot’s online helpers will reply you.

Replacement Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remotes

Just keep in mind that all these replacement remotes are not made by Hampton Bay. If you consider the first-party remotes, meaning they are manufactured by Litex (Hampton Bay’s manufacturer), check the logo on the remote that will show whether it is from Hampton Bay. You can directly contact Litex to ask them how to get the original remote for your specific model of Hampton Bay.

Compatible with these Hampton Bay remote controls: UC7078T CHQ7078T CHQ8BT7078T RR7079T L3H2010FANHD L3H2014FANHD Fan-HD HD5

This remote offers a great deal. This model is not made by Hampton Bay or Litex. The remote is without a receiver. It is compatible with a FAN28R or UC7067FMRX receiver.

Hampton Bay UC7078T remote control with reverse and Hampton Bay Logo

It is a Hampton Bay first-party unit. It shows a logo and is manufactured by Hampton Bay (Litex). Just remember that it will only work with Hampton Bay’s UC7078T remote. It is also without a receiver. It does have a wall mount but without a battery. A 9 volt battery will be required for it.

Hampton Bay UC7083T Remote

It is another great option, it also has a stamp of the Hampton Bay logo (first party). Things you need to know about it is that it is not universal, it is only compatible with a Hampton Bay UC7083T remote. it contains buttons for an uplight and downlight – the remote is without reverse function. A wall mount is also included with it as well.