Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Blade Arms

When you go through online websites, you will come to know that there is no place to purchase blade arms for Hampton Bay unless you get them from the retailers of the brand that carry Hampton Bay. Those who carry it include Home Depot and Lowe’s. It is a hard task to get them online from anywhere else. Having said that, it is possible to buy ceiling fan blade arms for a Hampton Bay fan which are not made by Hampton Bay or manufactured by any other brand. It would be called third party blade arms. At times, you will find universal blade arms that can work with the same size of fan. To match the blade arms with your fan, you need to confirm that both the new set and your blades have the same bolt patterns, check it if they are of the same size, does the color is compatible with your current fan. for instance, if you use a different color of blade arms from the blades of your fan, it would look odd.

We cannot guarantee compatibility – these blade arms can be compatible with most 42-inch ceiling fan. If your fan has a 42-inch blade span, these blade arms may be compatible with your fan too.

What are Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Blade Arms?

Blade arms support the ceiling fan blade to the ceiling fan. A blade issue can be more irritating than a blade arms problem. If the blade arm is loose, you can find out with ease from a physical examination. If the bolts, screws, or other fastening devices are loose, you can tighten them using a screwdriver or other tools. If there is a broken blade arm whatever the cause is, it becomes more difficult and all you are left with is by changing the blade arms.

As we have already stated above, blade arms should be compatible with the fan as well as the right size. If your blade size is 42 inch and you try to mount the blade arm of 52 inch, it will not work. You have to keep in mind the bolt pattern should match as well, for instance, if your fan blades contain 2 holes and the blade arm contains 4 holes, it is not going to work. In the end, it is in your best interest that the décor should be matched otherwise it will look odd.

Hampton Bay Walnut Ceiling Fan Replacement Blades –   Locating replacement first-party blades (made by Hampton Bay) is pretty much impossible online. Do not try to visit major retailers online as we already did that for you. To find the original blades or original Hampton Bay part numbers, you need to contact Home Depot, Litex or Lowe’s. the easiest thing you can do is purchase third party blades, just replace them.

Having said that, depending on your fan model, you may get that blade arms are hard to notice when the fan is moving. So, you can keep this stress away by using the blade arms that do not match your home décor. The most important thing to consider is the compatibility. Once you have made sure of the compatibility, then the décor matching can be a concern but can be ignored too.

Can I replace a Ceiling Fan Blade Arm myself?

If you want to replace the ceiling fan blade arm by yourself, you will be able to do it by watching the video we have shared below. It has step-by-step instructions on how to replace a blade arm. All you need to do is watch the video and you will be confident to do it.