Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Downrods

A downrod is an accessory to a ceiling fan, but often it is essential to have one. The purpose of a downrod is to connect the ceiling fan to the mounting box in the ceiling. A downrod hangs your fan from the ceiling, and the wiring has to go through the downrod, becoming a tube for the wires. This also helps in hiding the wires. The downrod does add friction, so if a fan has a downrod, it is more likely to cause vibration long-term. If you ever come across a fan causing a lot of movement while spinning, like the fan seems like it may come down from the ceiling, shut down the fan and change the downrod.

Replacement Hampton Bay downrods have to be the right size. It is highly suggested to refrain from changing it if it is not of the same length as it won’t work pretty well. To provide optimum results, you should check the ceiling fan manual first. You will get the ideal part numbers to use with the unit. You do not only need to match the size but keep in view the décor as well. For instance, if your fan contains a white finish, you will definitely use a downrod of the same color. That is why finding the correct part number for the replacement downrod is necessary.

Low Profile & Hugger Fans

All Hampton Bay ceiling fans do not use downrods – as they do have low profile or hugger fans too which can work without fan downrods. People use it for a low ceiling. The downrod minimizes the height from the floor, so in a smaller room, it can be hard. A hugger fan simply hugs the ceiling, preventing the space between the fan and the ceiling. This gives you more height in a room which already has less height.

hampton bay stoneridge hugger ceiling fan
Have a look at this Hampton Bay Hugger fan. These fans can be installed without a downrod to be mounted

The ideal ceiling fan position in terms of hanging is between 8-9 feet from the floor. if your ceiling is between 8-9 ft high, ideally, you should prefer a flush mount ceiling fan. If your ceiling height is shorter than eight feet, refrain from mounting a ceiling fan there as the fan blades would be less than 7 feet to the floor.

What size Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan downrod do I need?

It depends on the ceiling fan type you are going to use. Hampton Bay ceiling fan dowrods can be different in terms of length and diameter. A general ceiling fan that you buy will come with a downrod which is 2-10 inches long in size. It is for a standard-sized room, which contains a height of eight to nine feet between the floor and ceiling. Having said that, you can use a downrod that can be 177 inches long.

To get more details, have a look at the below chart on what size downrod you would need for your Hampton Bay ceiling fan:

downrod length chart
This chart will help you to find the right dimensions, when it comes to selecting a downrod for your ceiling fan.