Hampton Bay Replacement Ceiling Fan Blades

Do you need some Hampton Bay replacement blades for your ceiling fan, if yes, it means that you have gone through the troubleshooting steps and come to this page. Have you completed the below steps to make sure you really need replacement blades?

Before purchasing ceiling fan blades for your fan:

  • If your ceiling fan is making noises such as humming noises or any other noises, or they seem unbalanced, did you try to use a blade balancing kit?
  • If you have completed the step using a blade balancing kit, is one of your ceiling fan blades warped?

If you have done all the troubleshooting with the help of a balancing kit, and you were not able to fix the issue, then the next thing is to find out if your ceiling fan’s blades are warped or not. It can be done using a measuring tape, or remove the fan and take the blades off it. when you keep the blades side by side, are they of the similar length, diameter? Use the measuring tape in order to measure the distance between the ceiling and each blade. If one blade has a shorter length from the ceiling as compared to others, it means that is blade is warped. You can also find out the warped blades when you lay them side by side on anything.

hampton bay 52inch replacement fan blades
When it comes to replacement ceiling fan blades, until you go for the major retailers, you would have to buy aftermarket blades like these blades. If you are looking for the blades replacement from the manufacturer, you will need to visit Home Depot’s website. amazon does not carry any replacement blades for now that are manufactured by them or any other major retailers who deal in it.

OHLECTRIC is one of the brands we consider when finding replacement ceiling fan blades. When we researched on Amazon, we managed to find this brand. Additionally, we have given some more information about the OHLECTRIC brand below, so you will be able to get more information about these fan blades.

OHLECTRIC ceiling fan blades are made to offer best performance and durability to make them an ideal choice for homeowners if they prefer reliable and high quality blades. They are designed of high quality materials including wood, metal, and composite and can handle the worst conditions.

Another advantage of choosing OHLECTRIC ceiling fan blades is that they are available in a different finishes and styles, making it easy to find a compatible match for your home’s décor. Whether you are looking for a traditional, contemporary, or modern look, OHLECTRIC offers a lot of options to explore and select.

In addition, OHLECTRIC fan blades are made for easily installation. they are designed in such a way to provide an ideal fit to make the operation quiet and smooth. Additionally, these blades can be cleaned and maintained easily, enabling your ceiling fan to work at its optimum performance for years.

It has a lot of fan blade packages. Check to see if a blade set is compatible with your current blade span of your existing Hampton Bay ceiling fan:

Remember that these blades are weatherproof as well as waterproof. They are available in a reasonable and affordable price tag:

OHLECTRIC OL-40434 52 Inch Ceiling Fan Blades

OHLECTRIC 42 Inch Size for Broken Blades

Here is another brand to consider for fan blades replacement that is, Dysmio:

DYSMIO Bleached Oak Finish Ceiling Fan Blade Set

This set does not work with all fans so check the product description first, to find out the compatibility of the fans.

To change the warped Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Blade, you will have to use the same length of the blade to match it. It should be of the same color to match with the décor as well. For that, you have to check the website of Home Depot, or contact the manufacturer. If everything fails and you are not able to get a replacement blade, you should consider the universal ceiling fan blade to facilitate yourself.

How to Replace a Broken Ceiling Fan Blade on Your Fan

We have given a video that will guide you on how to replace a broken ceiling fan blade. In this case, the blade was warped and needed replacement. check out to learn how these fan blades can be changed with an electric drill (you can also use a screwdriver for this purpose, but an electric drill works faster than that).