How to Find Ceiling Fan Model Number?

Do you want to know where is the model number of your Hampton Bay fan? If you are new to the brand whether it is Hampton Bay or any other brand, you might have to know the model. Getting a model name or model number in hand is necessary to get a part replacement, or troubleshooting help or in some cases, warranty support. It is a basic information that you will need in most situations where you have queries regarding your ceiling fan.

Having said that, there are a few different ways that you can use to find the model number of your fan:

  • To begin with, find the manual that came with your fan. If you are not able to locate the manual, we do have a page on this website that can help you find your manual. However, this can become a catch because to find the manual of your particular model online, you should know the model.
  • The next place where you can locate the model number is the outside of the box or the package that the fan came in.
  • The third place to find is to have a look at the fan itself. If your fan is installed with a downrod (this is most fans), you will find an identifying sticker on the top of the motor housing. It indicates that its face would be towards the ceiling. A mirror or a phone camera can be used here to see the model number. You can write the model number into search engines, and you will see the results that contain the name of that model.
  • Examine the remote control. In some cases, the remote may contain a model number. Take a look inside the back (inside the battery residence). Thoroughly check the remote to see if there is a label with the model number. Usually, the remote or inside the remote may have a label that shows it.
  • The blades are the last place where you can view the model numbers or other information printed on.

Post a picture of your ceiling fan on forums to determine the model

If everything fails, and you have no idea about the fan, post a picture on online forums. As a last resort, you can post a picture of your fan with details in the comment section. Where did you purchase it, how long ago, the brand name or your guess about the model? We will try our best to find the model number of your fan. After that, we will also try to help you find the manual, if you need the part number.