Hampton Bay 44 Inch Carousel Ceiling Fan

Are looking for a fan that is stylish and functional? The Hampton Bay Carousel ceiling fan offers both style and functionality, making it a perfect choice for your child’s room. Its playful carousel design is sure to entertain kids of all ages while ensuring excellent air circulation and illumination.


At the heart of the Hampton Bay Carousel ceiling fan is a charming carousel horse, intricately detailed and filled with vibrant colors. This carousel horse shows the fan’s unique and eye-catching light fixture, making it a delightful focal point in any child’s room. The fan blades also contribute to the whimsical design, featuring colorful pastel stripes that beautifully complement the horse’s color scheme. With this combination of playful elements, the fan adds a touch of joy and wonder to your child’s space

Hampton Bay Carousel ceiling fan
The Hampton Bay Carousel Ceiling Fan is an ideal choice for kid’s rooms.


In addition to its charming design, the Hampton Bay Carousel ceiling fan offers exceptional functionality. With three adjustable speed settings, you can change the airflow to suit your child’s comfort preferences. Moreover, the fan includes a light kit featuring a frosted glass bowl, ensuring even and gentle illumination throughout the room. This makes it an ideal choice for bedtime stories or playtime activities, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Hampton Bay Kid’s Ceiling Fan Installation

Installing the Hampton Bay Carousel ceiling fan is a straightforward process, made easier with the comprehensive set of instructions provided with the fan. The fan is designed to be compatible with a standard 4″ downrod, making it a seamless addition to most ceilings.


Safety is the first concern when it comes to children’s products, and the Hampton Bay Carousel ceiling fan takes this aspect seriously. The fan is thoughtfully designed with safety in mind and has several features that ensure a secure and reliable operation.

The model is UL-listed for safety, meaning it has undergone rigorous testing and meets the strict safety standards set by the Underwriters Laboratories. This certification provides peace of mind, knowing that the fan has been thoroughly evaluated for hazards.

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