Who Makes Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans?

Note: We are not the manufacturer or anything to do with the Hampton Bay brand or Home Depot.

Although Hampton Bay ceiling fans are known as Home Depot’s brand, it has two manufacturers, Air Cool industrial Co Ltd and Litex Industries make Hampton Bay ceiling fans. We will discuss them one by one.

First Manufacturer: Litex Industries

The official website of Litex is litexindustries.com. when we did research and it was hard for us to find information related to Litex Industries. Litex’s website is currently not available because it is under construction or it can happen due to any other reason.

Having said that, you can also contact them using the information listed below to contact Litex to get help with your Hampton Bay ceiling fan related issues.

Litex’ Industries’ Phone number: 1.800.527.1292

You can use the above-listed phone number to contact Litex in Texas. They will help you to find a replacement Hampton Bay ceiling fan part. First you need to find your model number and then call them. If you do not have the idea what is your fan’s model number, you need to check our article on how to find the model number of Hampton Bay ceiling fan.


Litex Industries Social Media Page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/litex-industries/

There are mixed reviews on Litex when you will have a look at them online. Some users were able to get help from the support using the above-listed information, but some of them reported that they were not able to reach them.

Most of the time, the owners of Hampton Bay fan who are trying to obtain support are already disappointed before they try to get in touch with the manufacturer. Having said that, after this, if they are not able to get the desired part, it will be like adding fuel to the fire. We also have listed some of the parts on our website, you can have a look at them if you find them attractive. You can also leave a comment and we will do the rest.

TAL (Air Cool Industrial Co Ltd) Bonus Method

Another way to get help is from the second manufacturer who is also the vendor of Home Depot. They not only make the Hampton Bay brand but also design Home Decorators ceiling fan collection by Home Depot.


Phone Number: 1-833-HDFANS1, 1-833-433-2671

Their working hours are Monday to Friday: 6 AM to 4 PM PT

Here is the link to their technical support: https://www.tal-usa.com/technical-support

I hope that you will be able to contact either of Hampton Bay ceiling fan manufacturers. After reading this, you will be able to learn who makes Hampton Bay fans.

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