Hampton Bay Sovana Ceiling Fan Manual

The Hampton Bay Sovana ceiling fan contains three blades along with a white finish. The fan offers an integrated lighting fixture that can be used in a flush mount installation. It indicates that the fan will be suitable for rooms that have low ceilings. This unit is ideal for smaller rooms due to its 44 inches blade span (can be used indoors rather than outside). It has a motor of 153 mm x 15 mm and generates good airflow for a fan that is only 44” in blade size. The motor also has a lifetime warranty on it.

What kind of information will I find in the Hampton Bay Sovana Ceiling Fan Manual?

The information that is necessary for the manual will be tools required to install the fan, how to install the Sovana ceiling fan, safety concerns related to the model (including switch off the electricity before installing), along with troubleshooting details. This manual comes with the package of the fan and it is the best place to begin with if you are getting issues with your fan. However, in some cases, homeowners are not able to find the manual or misplace it with the passage of time, as you might be searching online for it to download Hampton Bay Sovana ceiling fan manual.

  • The width of fan: 44 Inches
  • Damp or Wet Rating: Dry Rated (will not bear exposure to water or moisture, not an outdoor fan)
  • Blade finish: White

Where can I download the Hampton Bay Sovana Ceiling Fan Manual or print it?

You can get a Hampton Bay Sovana ceiling fan instructions manual in PDF here. If you want to download it, the download button will be available to download it. Once you have downloaded it, you can take a print of it by using Adobe Acrobat or anything else that makes sense. At times, the users who visit our website use other programs than Adobe reader. The web is filled with these types of programs.

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