Where can I find Hampton Bay Quick Connect Blades?

We sometimes get a question on our website about where they can find replacement Hampton Bay quick connect blades for their ceiling fan. A quick connect blade is Hampton Bay’s replacement ceiling fan blade set. The problem with that is it is hard to locate these replacement quick-connect blades. After searching on Home Depot’s website, we have not found anything about these blades and they are also not available there.

However, Home Depot does have replacement blades for Hampton Bay fans because Hampton Bay is the house brand of the company. However, there is no information on their website and they have not mentioned anything about being quick connect blades.

Home Depot and Lowe’s contain the biggest collection of replacement Hampton Bay parts. The reason is that Home Depot owns Hampton Bay as a brand. You will not be able to find these replacement parts anywhere else.

Does Home Depot contain replacement Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Blades?

Home Depot has also listed the replacement blade arms on its website too. Home Depot as in our opinion has one of the most extensive selections on the web. The cause of this is Hampton Bay is a house brand of Home Depot. Not only Home Depot but also Lowe’s also contains most parts of Hampton in their store.

Having said that, we would like to add that they are also a carrier of quick connect replacement blade sets too, but to get an accurate answer, you may need to call Hampton Bay support.

You can contact Hampton Bay support by reaching the manufacturer which is Litex. If you want to get the phone number to call them, it is available here.

It has different replacement Hampton Bay parts, it will be wise to get in touch with the manufacturer to get additional information about quick-connect blades.

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